As consumer technology products evolve, developers typically strive to produce devices that are powerful, more capable and smaller than previous-gen products. Our OV intelligent headphones – the first and only headphones that feature Amazon Alexa Voice and Music Services integration – is a perfect example. OV is a true wearable assistant and premium headphone that enables you to take Alexa anywhere you go. But some manufacturers are taking the opposite approach with Alexa by integrating the virtual assistant into their new smart home appliances.

And if you’ve ever experienced the delicate balancing act this mother is going through, you’ll applaud their efforts:


GE isn’t the only manufacturer integrating Alexa into its home appliances. LG recently unveiled a new refrigerator featuring Alexa, and it’s much more than a big Amazon Echo that also cools your food.

Along with Alexa, LG’s InstaView feature enables you to knock on the door to bring up an image of what’s inside without having to open the door. You can also access that image on your smartphone if you forget to check before leaving home.

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Consider how much easier and quicker grocery shopping will be when you combine an Alexa-enabled refrigerator and the OV headphones’ capability to serve as your personal wearable assistant.

First, you knock on the ‘fridge door to check what you need, and then command Alexa to add those items to your shopping list. When you’re ready to leave, slip the OV headphones around your neck, and off you go.

Let’s say you’re sitting in your car at a stoplight, or are already walking into the store, and you suddenly think of other items you want to add to your shopping list. No need to pull your phone out of your pocket or bag, just use the OV to tell Alexa to add the items. Then, ask Alexa to start playing music so you don’t have to listen to whatever may be playing over the store’s loudspeakers.

If you need to call home just to confirm whether something should be on your list, the OV enables you to make crystal clear phone calls, again without having to grab your phone. Keep both hands on that shopping cart with the one wobbly front wheel from careening into a floor-to-ceiling display of pasta sauce jars.

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