To Quote Steve Jobs, “The Killer App Is Making Calls”

As you scroll through all the apps on your phone, it’s easy to forget that powerful, pocket-sized computer is also useful for making phone calls. When Steve Jobs launched the first iPhone at Macworld 2007, he underscored that “the killer app is making calls” [Timestamp: 00:42:15]. With that in mind, you will appreciate how OV delivers the same…Read more

What Do Over-Ear Headphones and Dinosaurs Have in Common?

Hundreds of millions of years ago, dinosaurs roamed the earth. The huge beasts dominated the landscape until, almost suddenly, they were gone. I think of dinosaurs when I see people walking around wearing over-ear headphones – huge “cans” dominating their facial landscape. Sales of all types of headphones have soared in recent years, and analysts…Read more

Look Ma, No Hands! Using OV and Your Voice to Create Music Playlists

Before Apple introduced digital music to the masses when it launched iTunes in 2001, building music playlists was a time-consuming, laborious process. You had to gather up your cassettes or CDs, and fiddle with a cassette recorder or boom box to add each song one-by-one to that ubiquitous Valentine’s Day gift of the 1980s and…Read more

Go for a Walk – It’s a Matter of Life and Death

If you’re like me and spend the bulk of your workday sitting at a desk and the conference room table, headlines like the one on this CNN article should grab your attention: “Yes, sitting too long can kill you, even if you exercise”. That’s just not fair – even if (and, admittedly, that’s a big…Read more

OV – What’s in the Box?

We devote a lot of space in this blog to describing the myriad ways to use OV for work and play. So today I thought I’d take us back to square one (and perhaps my favorite thing about being a lover of all things consumer tech): Unboxing OV for the first time! The first thing…Read more