Where to Buy OV Online and In Stores

Amazon has forever transformed how we shop. But sometimes you want to experience getting your hands on an item, maybe even trying it out for yourself. Plus, this time of the year, there’s something special about shopping in stores decked out for the holidays (assuming you survived Black Friday). If OV is on your shopping…Read more

Use OV and Alexa to Ease Holiday Stress

The annual craziness of the holiday season is here, creating equal parts of fun and stress in our lives. There is shopping to do, packages to ship, travel headaches to deal with, and parties to host. So perhaps not surprisingly, I’m reading and hearing a lot about the benefits of meditation to help reduce anxiety….Read more

The People on Your Holiday Shopping List Who Will Love OV

Why is it that we sometimes struggle to find the “perfect gift” for certain friends or family members? We know what they like and don’t like, yet they remain impossible to shop for. If you’re starting to feel frustrated, we can help. Ask yourself, does this person: Love music? Travel on business? Use Amazon Alexa-enabled…Read more

7 Cool Gadgets for the Cold Weather

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Top 7 Gadgets For Foodies

What’s more satisfying than snapping the perfect photo of a meal at a restaurant and uploading it to Instagram? Uploading a photo of a meal you made yourself, of course! That means spending the time to actually make your own dishes, so we’ve put together this list of cool gadgets you or the foodie in…Read more