Meet OV

Best phone conversations
Uncompromised audio
Most advanced voice commands

Meet OV

Best phone conversations
Uncompromised audio
Most advanced voice commands


Designed and tested for road warriors and music lovers


Best Phone Conversations

  • Boom Mic + Active Beamforming: highly accurate voice pickup
  • Comply™ Foam Ear Tips: block noise, hear callers better
  • Voice Button: Real-time Feedback to better control your voice
  • Quick Mute™: mute/unmute during calls with a simple press
  • Earbud Command Button: quickly initiate calls & commands

Uncompromised Audio

  • Premium balanced armature speakers for amazing audio
  • Neckband buttons for quick audio controls
  • Ambient Button: 3D ambient sound from binaural mics
  • Pair to multiple Bluetooth devices
  • 3.5mm input: For in-flight movies, PCs, game consoles

Intelligent Sound Controls™ - The right mix for any situation

Chat mode

Chat Mode:
No need to remove earbuds to chat

Chat mode

Chat mode enables you to go from enjoying music to having a face-to-face conversation without having to take your earbuds out.

Skip the awkward earbud fumble when a colleague or friend approaches you while you're enjoying music on OV. A simple double press of the Ambient button activates OV’s patent pending Chat mode.

Chat mode enables you to go from enjoying music to having a face-to-face conversation by dipping the music volume and increasing the Ambient and Voice volumes so you can have a natural conversation without the hassle of removing your buds or adjusting the volume while your friend or colleague waits.

Ambient feature

Ambient Feature:
Tune in or out of your environment with 3-D ambient sound

Ambient feature

Ambient feature enables you to hear what’s going on around you without removing your earbuds.

Whether you’re on a busy street, in the airport waiting to hear a flight announcement or at home with the family, it’s important to hear what’s going on around you without the hassle of removing your earbuds.

Binaural microphones built into each earbud create the perfect balance of music and ambient sound. Stay in tune with your environment with 3D sound so you can maintain full awareness of your surroundings without removing your buds.

Ambient volume can be adjusted to different levels by holding down the Ambient Button, or in the app.

Voice feature

Voice Feature:
Adjustable real-time voice feedback

Voice feature

Voice feature turns on the voice mic and enables you to hear your own voice. Great for singing along or hearing yourself when both earbuds are in.

For important calls, it's critical to avoid vocal strain, awkward voice levels, and muted nuance and expression. OV delivers patented, adjustable real-time voice feedback so you can hear yourself; improving calls, even karaoke!

Comply™ ear tips block out noise and even your own voice so that you can hear yourself better, avoiding the frustrating “Lombard Effect.” This effect proves that when you can not hear your own voice well, your natural response is to change tone, raise and strain your vocal chords, which leads to increased blood pressure and a flush of stress hormones.

Voice volume can be adjusted to different levels by holding down the Voice button, or from the app.

Custom Mix

Customize Your Own Mixes:
Choose your exact levels of Audio, Ambient and Voice

Custom Mix

Create your own custom soundscapes by mixing voice, ambient and music volumes and saving the presets in the OV app. You'll be ready for whatever the day throws at you.

Critics are raving about OV

OnVocal headphones features a suite of intelligent sound controls to give the best possible performance when using the integrated voice-control
Enjoy using these headphones for work as the ambient sound features will allow you to hear your voice when you talk or even sing using the OV.  What a fun gift
OV is the ONLY headphone to offer untethered, voice controlled access to Amazon Alexa and a host of other music streaming options
Huffington Post
Much like the Echo, OnVocal OV headphones let you use voice commands to cue up your favorite tunes, turn off your lights, or add that oh-so-important milk to your Amazon Fresh order
Consumer Reports
OV doesn't just work with Alexa, it also gives users access to Siri and Google Now with a button on the right earbud. On top of that, you'll get voice controlled access to Amazon Music Unlimited, Prime Music, Audible, Kindle, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn radio
All considered, in my opinion, you simply can’t find a combination of seamless user interface, sound quality, customization & multiple functions in high end wireless headphones like OV
Good Men Project
Huffington Post
Fast Company
Reader's Digest
Digital Trends
Consumer Reports

Compare OV with other premium headsets

OV Bose QC30 Apple Airpods Bose QC35 Beats Solo3
Enhanced Voice/Calls with Boom Mic + Beamforming
No boom
Premium Sound Balanced Armature Drivers
Passive or Active Noise Cancellation Passive Active Active Passive
Quick Mute™ Button for Calls in Noisy Environments
Voice Feedback: To Enhance Calls & Singalongs
Bluetooth Pairing to Multiple Devices
Ambient & Chat Mode: 3-D Ambient Sound w/o Removing Earbuds
Continuous Talk/Play Time on a Single Charge 8-10 hours 10 hours 4-5 hours 20 hours 40 hours
Alexa Button: Voice & Music Services
Siri & Google Button
Line-in for In-Flight, PC, Game Consoles
Retail Price $199 $299 $159 $359 $279

Voice command your universe: world’s first headphone with Alexa, plus Siri & Google Voice

OV is the world’s first wearable assistant that puts the most popular voice assistants Alexa, Siri and Google right in your ear.

With a simple command, text or call people, ask for songs, navigate while driving, control your smart home, order food, products, and services.

Enjoy amazing content simply by asking

OV’s dedicated Alexa button provides one-tap access to millions of songs, audiobooks, radio stations. Alexa has over 15,000 skills (and growing) that range from simple information requests to interactive games, recipes and fitness apps.

Plus, if you love Siri and Google voice assistants, tap the earbud button for your favorite built-in features like:

One headphone for work,
play & travel

No need to buy different headphones for different uses, OV works everywhere, in the air, in the gym, in the car, on the street — calls, music, voice command.

Around ~8-10 hours of use on a single charge, put it on in the morning, take it off at night.

All day comfort and Style

OV Neckband
A neckband so light, you’ll forget that it’s even on

With Flex Zones that can be adjusted to your neck size. Sleek metal trim pieces that match any outfit.

All day comfort and style

OV Earbuds
A perfect fit for your ears and neck

Comply™ foam tips that shape to your ear canal for a perfect fit and seal. Silicone ear tips also included. Form Fit Earbud Cables that hug the sides of your neck for a discrete look.

Accessorize with OV Scarf

OV Scarf is the perfect way to add a dash of color and style to your outfit while keeping your OV secure and comfortable all day. Wear the OV Scarf tied, snapped, or open on your lapel as you set out to conquer the world or your morning run.

Get OV Scarf FREE with purchase of OV for a limited time only.

Coming soon: OV Scarfs by Nancy Vuu! featuring two classic designs in a variety of fabrics, including Italian silks, and styles fit for any occasion.

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Technical Specs

  • Driver Type: Balanced Armature
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz
  • Microphone Array: 3 High SNR MEMS mics for voice and ambient pickup
  • Noise Reduction:Beamforming and CVC® for calls (HFP/HSP)
  • Battery Type: Integrated Li-Ion Rechargeable
  • Battery Capacity: 360 mAh (2x 180 mAh)
  • Standby Time: Up to 7 Days
  • Talk / Music Time: Up to 8 Hours continuous
  • Charging Interface: micro-USB
  • Battery Monitor: via OnVocal app or audible low battery indicator
  • Bluetooth Version: v2.1 w/ Enhanced Data Rate
  • Bluetooth Wireless Range: Up to 10m (33ft.)
  • Bluetooth Wireless Frequency: 2.4 GHz w/ Adaptive Frequency Hopping
  • Supported Bluetooth Profiles: HFP, HSP, A2DP
  • Device Memory: Up to 5 stored devices
  • Weight: 80g (2.8 oz.)
  • Length (Back to Front): ~135mm
  • Width (Left to Right): ~140mm
  • Operating Temperature: -4°F – 140°F (-20°C – 60°C)
  • Hardware Controls: Power, Source volume, Ambient toggle, Ambient volume, Voice toggle, Voice volume, Play / Pause / Track Forward, Microphone Mute toggle (for calls), Command Button (voice control, call answer / end)
  • Bluetooth, HFP / HSP / A2DP
  • Device or Computer with standard 3.5mm jack
Supported Audio Codecs (A2DP):
  • SBC
  • APTX
  • APTX Low Latency

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